Is goose down or alpaca down better? to answer this question you need only read on…

More and more customers are switching from the Quilt made with goose feathers to the Alpaca Wool Quilt, and not only because of a question related to the animal’s stress: in fact, to produce a Goose down one has to pluck the feathers directly from the animal, while shearing Alpaca wool does not cause any pain to the animal but on the contrary provides considerable well-being.

In addition to being Animal Friendly, Alpaca Down has extraordinary characteristics: in fact, if we touch Alpaca wool, we feel it is incredibly soft and light, like that of Cashmere.

The Alpaca Wool Duvet is lightweight, warm and hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool has special thermal qualities that make it especially cozy, retaining six times more warmth than classic sheep’s wool.

Its exceptional softness makes it highly prized and highly sought after in the clothing industry as well. Another much-appreciated property is its absolute hypoallergenicity, due to the total absence of lanolin (lanolin is the substance produced by the animal’s sebaceous glands, it protects it from cold and dehydration, but it is also the cause of that rather strong odor that can be detected even without having a particularly sensitive sense of smell) and Is odorless, a rare feature for a natural fiber.


The Alpaca wool we use in our Quilts, Mattress Toppers and Pillows comes from a single Italian farm, in the province of Bolzano.

In fact, we are privileged to personally know the Alpacas who provide us with this wonderful fiber. In fact, in each Quilt you will buy you will find the ‘passport’ and photo of the Alpaca from which the wool that makes it up was sheared. This is both to have total control of the Production Chain (which is 100% all-Italian) and to assure you how much throughout the breeding and processing process there is love for the animals and for the craftsmanship that ultimately produces these wonderful products.

Alpaca wool is truly a wonder of nature, prepare to receive the warm embrace of our quilts.